Finding An Advocate

Head To Court Or Pay The Ticket? What Should You Do?

You were cruising down the highway listening to your favorite song on the radio, when suddenly the police pull you over for speeding. You were just involved in an accident where you drifted into the next lane and hit a passing car. These are just some of the reasons for receiving a traffic violation ticket. Should you fight this ticket in court or simply pay the cost?

The answer depends on the type of violation it is and if it's worth fighting in court.

Were You Truly at Fault?

Each state has their own laws and regulations regarding fault and how much the cost of the ticket could be. If you were ticketed and you felt you really weren't at fault for the accident, speeding or other traffic violation, it might be better to head to court and try to fight it. This is especially true if the ticket amount is higher or there are demerit points associated with the violation you need to be aware of.

There are some instances however where it is best to simply pay the fine than try to fight it in court. These can include DUI's (especially if a breathalyzer has been applied and you failed,) reckless driving or aggressive driving, leaving the scene of an accident or speeding where you were clocked by an officer using a radar gun.

Since the officer can provide proof to the court of your guilt in these instances, it is recommended to comply to the courts and pay the ticket.

Was There a Reason for What Happened?

You might admit you were at fault where speeding or drifting was concerned, however, was there a legitimate reason for the violation to occur? This could be you were racing to get to the hospital for an emergency, you sneezed before going through a red light or an animal, child or object suddenly came into your path.

If you have a dash cam that operates at all times, then it will be much easier to prove your story. The courts can see or hear what is happening inside the vehicle and they can see what you saw that day. In these instances, it might be the better option to contact a traffic violation lawyer and take your case to court.

If You Do Choose to Pay the Ticket

If you have chosen to pay the ticket, you need not head into the courts or DMV office to pay. The DMV website has set up the option that you can pay online easily.

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