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Are You Being Falsely Accused Of Committing A Crime? What To Do As You Await Your Court Date

It can be incredibly upsetting to be arrested and charged with a felony or crime that you know you did not do. Waiting for your trial to begin can be a nerve-wracking experience and you might not know what you should be doing during this time. Here are some tips to use while waiting for your day in court.

Write Notes About Everything That Has Happened

While you wait to appear in court, the events that led up to your arrest might be going through your mind over and over again. However, as time goes by, details and small pieces of information might start to fade and you might not remember them as well as you once did. You might also remember something that you thought you'd forgotten. Because every detail might be important, it's smart to start a journal or create a word processor file that includes everything you can remember about everything that led up to your arrest. You might want to provide your lawyer with a copy of your notes; they might be able to find something in them that can help your case.

Stay Away from Anyone Involved

Because you're innocent, you may want to talk with someone else related to your case about what happened or ask them why they made the statements they made. You might think you can prove your innocence or clear up a misunderstanding if you can only talk to certain people. However, this could be a recipe for even more trouble. You might find yourself getting into an argument or a fight that results in another arrest.

If you feel that you need to communicate with someone, talk to your lawyer, who can contact them on your behalf.

Get Enough Sleep

It is not unnatural to toss and turn worrying about being convicted for something you didn't even do. However, it is vital that you are able to get as much sleep as you can. Depriving yourself of sleep may make you more irritable during the day and more likely to have poor judgment and make poor decisions that may make things worse. Do your best to head to sleep at a reasonable hour; learn relaxation techniques and methods that can help you fall asleep. You might also want to talk to a doctor about a possible prescription for a sleep aid.

Use the ideas above to help you to be smart about how you spend your time while you wait for your court date. Keep in regular contact with your criminal attorney and ask for suggestions about how you might best be able to prove your innocence. Contact a business, such as LaCross & Murphy, PLLC, for more information.