Finding An Advocate

Are You Facing DUI Charges For A Borderline BAC? Get A Lawyer Fast

Have you been pulled over and are facing charges for drinking and driving, but you cooperated with the police and thought the case doesn't have merit? If so, you want to call a lawyer. If you took a breathalyzer and the test didn't give you a high drinking level, you want to get a lawyer. Here are some of the signs that indicate you may be able to get the charges reduced, which will also reduce the number of fines and punishments you deal with.

The Evidence Isn't Strong

If you were barely over the limit or on the border and you know that there isn't enough strong evidence that you will be convicted, you want to get a lawyer. If you were picked up pulling out of a restaurant or bar, and the police were hoping to catch someone drinking and driving and the place staked out, you want a lawyer to fight the charges and get the charged reduced to a reckless operation if possible.

No One was Hurt

Times when it's difficult to fight a DUI is when someone was hurt or killed, or there was a terrible accident or property damage. If you weren't driving like someone who had been drinking and if no one was hurt, then your lawyer will show that you weren't being a danger or causing danger to society.

The Lawyer Has Options

There are many things that go into convicting someone of a DUI. If the breathalyzer machine that was used for your BAC wasn't recently calibrated and was past its expiration time limit for calibration, this could get you out of your charges

If you passed the physical tests outside your vehicle without complications and cooperated fully, then the breathalyzer shouldn't have been administered. Your lawyer may fight the case showing that you were being targeted and that the officer was trying to make a case when there wasn't one.

Getting the DUI charges brought down to a reckless operation charge can be very beneficial when someone does a background check on you, or if you can't afford to have your license suspended. If you are facing any type of DUI charges and you aren't sure if you can get out of them or not, you want to start working with a lawyer right away. They may be able to work out a plea deal to save the case so you can avoid the charges.