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3 Ways A Criminal Domestic Dispute Attorney Will Minimize Your Stress

Domestic disputes can lead to several negative outcomes. These include physical violence, property damage, emotional stress, and financial difficulties. In some cases, these disagreements may even result in injury, death, or the destruction of trust between family members. Therefore, it's vital that these cases be addressed as soon as possible to prevent more serious consequences. A criminal domestic dispute attorney can guide you if you're facing a dispute and need legal counsel. Keep reading to find out how they'll minimize your stress.

1. Getting a Restraining Order

It may be necessary to get a restraining order against your spouse if you feel threatened by their actions. This order can help prevent violence, property damage, and further destruction of trust. If you're the subject of this type of protection, you'll have limited contact with the other party.

An attorney can help you file the petition and provide evidence showing your partner is abusing you. This could be through threats of bodily harm, sexual assault, stalking, physical intimidation with weapons like knives or guns, emotional manipulation, financial control, and forced labor. They'll also help you get the restraining order in time to protect you from further abuse.

2. Obtaining Child Custody

If your spouse is abusing your children, you may need to get them away from them. This can be done through a temporary or permanent custody order. A lawyer can help you get physical custody of your children. This will enable you to have control over where and when they spend time with your partner as well as what type of activities they engage in during that period.

If the abuse does not stop when taken out of the home, an attorney can help you file for child protective services and seek legal action against the abuser if they are still in contact with the kids.

3. Enforcing Your Alimony Obligation

If your spouse is not paying alimony as required by court order, you may need to seek legal action against them. This could include an order for payment of past-due alimony or an order for payment of future alimony. Criminal domestic dispute attorneys understand the complicated nature and consequences that can arise from this type of case and will guide you through the process, ensuring you're treated fairly according to the law.

It can be challenging to handle domestic disputes cases yourself. Fortunately, a criminal domestic dispute attorney can help you get the justice you deserve and protect your rights.

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