Head To Court Or Pay The Ticket? What Should You Do?

You were cruising down the highway listening to your favorite song on the radio, when suddenly the police pull you over for speeding. You were just involved in an accident where you drifted into the next lane and hit a passing car. These are just some of the reasons for receiving a traffic violation ticket. Should you fight this ticket in court or simply pay the cost? The answer depends on the type of violation it is and if it's worth fighting in court. [Read More]

How Parents Can Protect Their Juveniles Against Police Brutality

There has been several stories in the news of unarmed young men being shot by police officers. The most recent case isFreddie Gray. On April 12, 2015, Gray, who was a 25-year old man, was arrested by the Baltimore Police Department. Gray suffered a spinal cord injury and other injuries while being transported to jail and died several days later on April 19. A juvenile lawyer can help parents to protect their children against police brutality. [Read More]